Class Capture

Weyond provides technologies and services for capturing live lectures. Our focus in building an easy-to-use solution has been on three key elements: being unobtrusive, secure, and interactive. This is why Weyond has developed an integrated solution that combines video-capture with tools for post-processing and delivery to students, making it easier and cost-effective to deploy the solution on educational campuses.

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Here is a sample of a recorded lecture: Sample Lecture

mFuse Appliance (Hardware for capturing lectures)

Main Features

  • Web-based scheduling for video capture
  • Picture-in-picture encoding
  • Auto-zoom of camera that provides PTZ-type control to any normal camcorder

mFuse Webcaster (Software for live streaming of lectures)

Main Features

  • Auto-zoom
  • Dynamic streaming
  • Webcast accessible from desktops, iPhones, Blackberries and other smart phones

mFuse Streaming Server

Main Features

  • Scalable streaming
  • Web-based interface for post-production of captured videos
  • Quick clipping of videos