Event Webcasting

Weyond provides equipments and services needed for a successful webcast event. From event registration, to video-capture and live webcasting, to creating a post-produced proceeding of the event, Weyond makes it easier for event organizers to take advantage of future media while focusing on event organization and content generation.

The following pricing is valid for event webcasting and archival only. For a deployed solution, include class capture, please contact us at sales AT weyond.com.

Do it yourself package ($500/day/track):

If you already have an AV person on-site, we will provide complete technical support to enable you webcast your event yourself. Our services will include:

  • 480p quality live streaming (100 attendees are included in the base price. $2 per additional attendee for bandwidth provisioning.)
  • Customized professional-grade web interface for viewing live webcast
  • Technical support for attendees
  • Hosting of the recorded videos for upto 6 months
  • Basic post production support (includes snipping, audio enhancement, format change of the recorded videos)

If you do not have equipments, we can lend you the equipments for a basic cost to cover shipment and insurance. Please contact at least 4 weeks in advance.

Full package ($1000-$1200/day/track):

If you want complete peace of mind in webcasting your event to the world, this packet is right for you. It includes our technical staff be present at the conference venue, install the webcasting equipments, provide webcasting and post-production support. Please refer to the following table for pricing details.


Video Proceeding

Live Broadcasting

Web Hosting

All Inclusive

Price $1000/day/track
$400 $1200/day/track
Recurring Payments None None $2/GB/month $2/GB/month
Web Proceeding
Remote Participation
Registration Support
Marketplace for workshop proceeding
Sponsorship/Ad Streaming
Support Access
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